The Light in the Forest

The latest Thisseldar Adventure is available. The Light in the Forest is a romping adventure with fairies, magic and trolls.
The Light in the Forest

Emerald is a woodland fairy who has been sent on an urgent mission to the Kingdom of Thisseldar. Her traveling companion is an old and wise tortoise named Cinnamon. A chance meeting with Princess Emery and Prince Ryan results in a high spirited adventure. Together, they must out-smart some clever trolls to find “That Which Has Been Hidden” and save all of Fairydom.

A chapter book for 7 to 10 year olds, The Light in the Forest is the third book in the Thisseldar series and finds eight-year-old Princess Emery and her brother, Prince Ryan, eager to help their newly found friends: a fairy and a tortoise. Suspenseful capers through the castle result in near catastrophe as the four try to outwit the troll, Over Bent, and his three companions. It’s a free-for-all as to who will find “That Which Has Been Hidden”, and claim it as their own.

Available now at Amazon in paperback and for Kindle.

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