The Light in the Forest

The latest Thisseldar Adventure is available. The Light in the Forest is a romping adventure with fairies, magic and trolls.
The Light in the Forest

Emerald is a woodland fairy who has been sent on an urgent mission to the Kingdom of Thisseldar. Her traveling companion is an old and wise tortoise named Cinnamon. A chance meeting with Princess Emery and Prince Ryan results in a high spirited adventure. Together, they must out-smart some clever trolls to find “That Which Has Been Hidden” and save all of Fairydom.

A chapter book for 7 to 10 year olds, The Light in the Forest is the third book in the Thisseldar series and finds eight-year-old Princess Emery and her brother, Prince Ryan, eager to help their newly found friends: a fairy and a tortoise. Suspenseful capers through the castle result in near catastrophe as the four try to outwit the troll, Over Bent, and his three companions. It’s a free-for-all as to who will find “That Which Has Been Hidden”, and claim it as their own.

Available now at Amazon in paperback and for Kindle.

So far…

Okay, I’m a little behind on reporting back about the Kindle book promotion. I have now run several promotions with varied results. However, considering my books are children’s books, I am not actively marketing them, and no one knows who I am, I have been fairly pleased with the results.

During August 95 of my Kindle books downloaded. Of those, 7 were commissionable sales and 88 were given away as part of a free promotion.

I tried the free promotions again in September. So far it looks like around 176 books were downloaded for the month. I’ll update you when the numbers come out October 15th.

First Book Promotion

I now have three published books on Amazon, all with paperback and Kindle editions. So, I have decided it is time to try one of the Kindle Prime free promotions. The Kindle version of “The Light at the Bottom of the Stairs” will be offered as a free download for two days: August 3 and 4. My hope is that if the reader enjoys the book, they will check out my other titles.

I’ll let you know how it goes…

First Published Book

Holstein_light_cover My first published book was released on March 21, 2013. I’m so excited. It’s a chapter book for young readers aged seven to nine. It was written during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) 2012 for my grand niece, Emery’s seventh birthday.

The story begins as seven year old, Princess Emery searches for her cats in the isolated back hallways of the castle.  Investigating a strange light at the bottom of the tower stairs, she unexpectedly finds herself in the room of “forgotten characters”.  With the help of a pirate, a ballerina, a circus ringmaster and a dragon, Emery must discover how to help each of her new friends return to their stories while discovering her own story’s ending.

The Light at the Bottom of the Stairs is part of the Thisseldar series.  However, it is a stand-alone story.  Thisseldar books do not need to be read in order.   The stories tell the adventures of Princess Emery, Prince Ryan, who live in the imaginary Kingdom of Thisseldar.

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