Turkey Tracks

turkey tracks

It has been an unusually cold winter in the Midwestern United States this year. Today, is no exception. Morning broke to single digit temperatures (3 degrees Fahrenheit here). The dogs and I bundled up and hurried out to face the crisp cold. A beautiful blue sky over white ground greeted us, and I wished for warmer weather. While waiting for Spigot (our rescued mixed breed) to find just the right spot to relieve herself, I noticed turkey tracks in the snow. A visitor from earlier in the morning. How amazing the ability of the wild animals that live around our home to survive when the temperature drops this low. Meanwhile, fragile, top-of-the-food-chain me, must run back to the safety and warmth of the house after only a few minutes outside.


Go Tigers!

Today as Auburn and the Missouri auburn-missouritake the field for the SEC Championship in Atlanta, in St. Louis my family will gather at my sister’s house to take our seats and our sides. You see, it will be a real test of family football loyalties. My siblings and I grew up in a house that ate, slept and breathed Auburn football. Dad played for Auburn from 1938 to 1942. That’s where he met Mom. She was born and raised just 25 miles from Auburn and can claim four generations of living Auburn alumni on her side of the family (more if you count the dead ones). As my cousin Jimmy says about my being an Auburn fan, “You can’t help it. It’s in your blood.” However, I’ve lived in Missouri now for 49 years. My sister, her husband, my brother, his wife, his son, and at least one cousin are all Missouri alumni. Rooting for Missouri has become a family tradition as well. So, today when you feel the earth rumble, don’t worry, it won’t be an earthquake. It will be the ruckus in Missouri from a family screaming GO TIGERS!


Fawns come to visit
Fawns come to visit

Each spring, we anxiously await the first visitation of the new fawns. This year, it happened much later than usual. It was late in June before Mom brought her young ones out into the yard to meet us. They frolicked for a bit and then followed Mom back into the safety of the woods.

Meet Cameron

Cam's first time on a bed
Cam’s first time on a bed


This is Cam, the newest member of the family. He was born in Oregon on March 23, 2013, and came by car to Missouri during his 9th week. A great traveler, and such a handsome boy.

Life has become endlessly entertaining with a puppy about.  Such energy.

At this point, there seems to be a straight tube between where water goes in and pee comes out. In fact, he is a little “piddling machine”. So, all projects are on hold until he is house broken.

He is just so darned cute.

Cats Rule!

View from my back

Living with cats is an experience that helps me with reality checks. While I like  to feel that I am the one in charge, in truth it is the cat who has dominion over our home.  I am simply here to please my feline companions.

Case and point: The other day I was sitting in a chair, watching our turtle swim around his tank.  Digi, one of our cats, thought that my back was the perfect perch. How long was I willing to sit in that position so as not to annoy Digi?  A ridiculously long time.


A ridiculously long time.